About me

I am a PhD researcher at the Eötvös Loránd (ELTE) University (Budapest, Hungary) in the field of social policy and criminology. My main research field is the sociology of conflicts with special focus on the potential of mediation and restorative justice in criminal matters. My other research activities mostly relate to the issues of education and ethnic minorities.

During my university studies I did a Master degree in social policy (ELTE University) and one in criminology (University of Cambridge).


Other activities in nutshell


Angelica Girl's Choir

I was a member of the Angelica Choir (Conductor: Zsuzsanna Gráf) for 8 years before I went to Cambridge. This choir is officially the girl's choir of the Városmajor Secondary School. Half of the choir includes former students of the high school who have become teachers, lawyers, engineers, professional musicians etc. after finishing the the high school. Nevertheless, there is at least one common in them: they all save some hours each week to go back to the Alma Mater, sit in the small music room and travel into the world of Bartók, Kodály, Schubert and so on.

Besides a lot of fun, we have had regular concert tours in Hungary, in several European countries, in Japan and in the United States and have published 6 CDs.

I am very happy that after settling down in Hungary, I was 're-accepted' into 'Alto 2'. Hence, I am part of the weekly music trips again every Wednesday evening from 6pm.

If you preferred listening to reading about us, click here to download one of our recent concerts' programme (on 16 Sept 2006 in Leanyfalu), including beautiful Gregorian and Romantic works, as well as the most wonderful music of Béla Bartok.



Coming from a musician family, music has become part of my life from the very first seconds. I love listening to it, but there is something else that I like even more: to play it.

I studied piano for 16 years and still play solo and chamber music occasionally. Although I cannot practice regularly anymore, sometimes I just sit to the piano and let the music take me out of the everyday life. When black and white spots on a paper are becoming music, and we are building up harmonies with other friends in a room, it creates an atmosphere that cannot be described by words. One memory that I will never forget: playing a Bach concerto with a small chamber orchestra in the aula of my old high school... I will always be grateful to my grandmother for teaching this language to me and to my parents and brother to constantly colour my life with their live music...

Occasionally we organise concerts in our flat within the so-called BSC (‘Bakáts Square Concerts’) series. We play music, theatre, film, improvise, or tell stories in rap style…whatever you can imagine. Here you can see some pictures about our last event (January 2007), where more than 60 people came and entertained the audience with almost 20 performances.



I am simply crazy on the dance floor. To find some similar crazy people, I joined the Offbeat Dance Competition Team of the Cambridge University when I studied there. We danced hip-hop, funky and other funny styles late in the nights, sometimes also at different inter-university competitions in England. My current love is Salsa, so if you know a good club, please let me know :)



My real dream is though: air, mountains, crispy, white snow and crazy SPEED....If I could make it, I would ski the whole year. It happened sometimes that I participated in open competitions.

Whatever I am doing, I would like to keep my 'amateur enthusiasm' forever. I might always be a bit imperfect while I am playing music, dancing or skiing, but want to stay a person for whom these miracles will always remain miracles...


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