Work experience

The following list intends to give a more detailed picture about the type of activities I have done during my previous works and projects. The list of supervisors can be found here.


From July 2008

Consultant of the Hungarian Institute for Education Research and Development specialised as researcher, trainer and mediator of the Educational Mediation Service for its 3 years long project on ‘Introducing alternative dispute resolution into the Hungarian vocational school system’

From May 2008

Executive director of the Foresee Research Group Nonprofit Ltd.Community, Communication, Conflict resolution, Cohesion

Foresee Research Group is an interdisciplinary think tank providing research, training, project management, consulting and networking activities in order to prevent and reduce social inequalities; disseminate the principles and techniques of alternative dispute resolution; objectively measure the extent and forms of social exclusion; prevent and reduce prejudices and negative stereotypes in the society against disadvantaged social groups; integrate marginalised and disadvantaged social groups and advocate for their  equal opportunities and rights.

From June 2007

Consultant for the Family, Child, Youth Association in an AGIS project on implementing restorative justice in Hungary (research, translation, interpretation, group moderation, international networking, organisation activities)
Supervisor: Dr. Maria Herczog

From September 2006

Lecturing at the Faculty of Social Sciences, ELTE University (the title of the course: Punishment and/or Restoration? Mediation and other alternative sanctions in the criminal justice system)

From September 2006

Research and Training Director of the CISZ 2000 [Civil, Informatics, Sociology] Ltd.

June 2006 – July 2007

External consultant of the Central Office of Justice (Ministry of Justice) in Hungary – consultancy in relation to the implementation of victim-offender mediation into the Hungarian criminal justice system
Supervisor: Dr. Erzsébet Hatvani

From June 2006

Evaluating project proposals and monitoring crime prevention-oriented projects financed by the Hungarian Crime Prevention Committe
Supervisor: Dr. Katalin Gönczöl  

January 2006

Member of the Expert Group reviewing the Handbook on Restorative Justice, to be published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in 2006

From November 2005

Expert commentaries on draft laws and training courses provided for the requests of the Council of Europe in different countries in the field of victimology and restorative justice

July 2004 – December 2005

Junior researcher at the European Forum for Restorative Justice at the Department of Criminology and Criminal Law, Catholic University of Leuven; coordination of an EU-funded AGIS project focusing on implementing restorative justice in Central and Eastern European countries;
My tasks included:
- organising expert meetings, seminars and conferences;
- writing the reports of the meetings and the final publication of the project;
- stimulating and coordinating networking among the involved experts;
- updating the website and the membership database of the European Forum for Restorative Justice

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ivo Aertsen

November 2005

Preparation of an expert commentary for the request of the Council of Europe on a draft law of an Eastern European country on state compensation for crime victims

November 2005

Internship at the Penal Mediation Service in Brussels (House of Justice)
Supervisor: Ms. Valérie Cosyns, penal mediator

From September 2004

Official alternate of Dr Maria Herczog in the Hungarian Delegation of the European Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC); participation in several study groups of the Committee

November 2002

Organising two work-shops for lawyers, prosecutors, judges, policemen, probation officers on the possibilities of restorative justice within the framework of a research project of the National Institute of Criminology, Hungary
Research director: Dr. Klára Kerezsi

From September 2002

Individual PhD research on the opportunities for implementing restorative justice into the Hungarian institutional system dealing with child- and juvenile offenders at the Faculty of Social Policy, Institute of Sociology, ELTE University
Supervisor: Dr. Mária Herczog

From September 2002

Giving lectures and training courses in restorative justice for the Faculty of Law, ELTE University, Budapest
Course coordinator: Dr. Klára Kerezsi

September 2002 – September 2003

Research coordinator of the national survey on the ‘Rights of Students with Disadvantageous Background in the Public Education System’, requested by the Commissioner for Educational Rights at the Ministry of Education
Research director: Dr. György Ligeti

June 2002 – October 2003

Lobbying activities on behalf of the Association of Social Professionals as a member of the board

June 2002 - February 2003

Co-editing the journal of the Association of Social Professionals, called “Halo” (Net)

January 2002 – September 2003

As project manager of the Kurt Lewin Foundation creating a database and website about the European Union’s policies concerning the development of NGOs in the Member States in cooperation with eight civil organisations supported by the Hungarian Soros Foundation;
President of the Foundation: Dr. György Ligeti

May 2001 – October 2003

Chief editor of a web-site on social sciences, called SzocHáló (Social Net; coordinating the work of the editorial staff comprising 30 university students, employed by the Kurt Lewin Foundation

April 2000 – September 2002

Research and project-organising tasks for the Family, Child, Youth Association

February 1999 - June 1999

Internship at the Probation Service of the 8th district of Budapest
Supervisor: Ms. Rita Szikulai

February 1998 - 2000

International relations and organising the distribution of books at the Magus Publishers


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